Frequently Asked Questions

Will my child be able to continue their English classes at Happy ABC after they finish preschool?

Yes, we offer several afterschool classes so that they can continue to learn English at Happy ABC.

Do you offer last minute extended care?

Yes, we do.

Do you offer open classes?

Yes, we do. Once every term we allow parents to sit-in on
our classes.

I can not speak English/Japanese. Can my child still attend Happy ABC?

This is no problem. We have staff that can speak both English and Japanese.

What happens if I am late for pick up?

For preschool classes, we have an extended care program until 15:00. For afterschool classes, we do not offer extended care.

Do you have car and bicycle parking?

We do have Bicycle parking. If you need car parking, you can
park at one of the local stores nearby.

Do you do anything special for seasonal events?

Yes, we do. We celebrate several events including;
Christmas, Halloween, Summer Festival, and more

Are you open during national holidays?

We are open for some national holidays, but not all. Please
check the school calendar for additional details.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a teaching methodology that breaks down 44 sounds of the English Language. This teaches children how to read by combining these sounds to sound out words. Early phonemic awareness helps develop reading skills earlier in young children.